Don't miss your chance to be a part of Penn Elite All Stars! Athletes are placed on teams based on age and ability - there is a place for everyone at Penn Elite!

 - Full-Year Placements will be held in May with practices starting in June.

 - Half-Year Placements will be held in October with practices starting in November.

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Teams - 1 to 2 of 2

GOLDEN CATS - Youth Prep 1.1

CHEETAHS - Youth 2

2023 Youth Summit Qualifiers

PANTHERS - Senior 3

icon 2021-2022 Penn Elite Teams

GOLDEN CATS - Youth Prep 1.1

JUNGLE CATS - Junior Prep 2.2

LYNX - Junior 2

2022 NE Regional Finalists

PANTHERS - Senior 4/4.2

2022 Mid-Atlantic National Champions, 2022 NE Regional Champions, 2022 D2 Summit Finalists (13th overall)