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Private Tumbling Lessons Available

All Private Lesson registration is done on a first come, first served basis through the "Private Lesson" section on our Parent Portal. Lessons must be paid in full to confirm a specific time slot. Lessons are non-refundable and will not be rescheduled. 

Birthday Parties

Want to do something fun, different, and exciting for your child's birthday?    

The staff at Revolution Cheer Gym can help you plan the perfect birthday party!  Birthday parties are scheduled for 90 minutes. Each party will include 60 minutes of instruction (tumble or cheer/tumble) in the gym provided by Revolution Staff. The remaining 30 minutes can be used for snacks, cake, and/or present time. Revolution will provide tables and seating for all invited children, as well as, trashcans for cleanup. Please email us  at for more info.

Tumbling Classes

Below are descriptions of each tumbling level and some of the skill focuses of each class. To keep our athletes steadily progressing, we've included additional fundamental skills taught within each level, which will aid in the development of our athletes from one level to the next.

Each level includes progression drills, as well as, front and back tumbling skills. These additions are designed to enhance the rate of growth in each athlete’s skill and technique. Towards the end of each session athletes will receive a skill report sent via email so families can keep track of their progress and make sure they're registered for the appropriate level class in future sessions.

If you are interested in registering your athlete for tumbling and would like to schedule a Free Trial Class, or if you are unsure of which class to sign up for, please contact our Tumbling Director at


Tiny Tumble: This class is for 3-4 year olds. We will introduce circle time and basic stretches, as well, as start to teach coordination drills for the fundamental tumbling skills.

Beginner Tumbling:
This class is for 4-5 year olds. We will work on learning forward and backward rolls, cartwheel basics, handstands, bridges, and other body control exercises.


Acro Tumbling: Athletes will work on intermediate and advanced acro skills geared towards dance, which requires a combination of flexibility, strength, and basic tumbling. Skill focus will be on walkovers, aerials, kip ups, headsprings, handsprings, headstands, chest stands, handstand variations, and skill combinations. 

CHEER101: Learn the basics of Cheer: motions, jumps, tumbling, and stunting. This class prepares athletes for a more competitive, performance-based teams and is a great way to improve skills for school, sideline, and/or AS Prep programs. (offered during select sessions only)

Tumble 1:
This class introduces the basic foundation skills required for all tumbling. We will be focusing on mastering rolls, handstands, cartwheels, bridges, backbends, and the kick over.


Tumble 1+:
This class focuses primarily on mastering the flexibility skills. We will be working on back and front limbers, back and front walkovers, handstand snap downs, and the round off. These skills are essential stepping stones to learning handsprings.


Tumble 2:
This class is geared solely towards learning the back and front handspring. Athletes will learn many drills and progressions need to to master this skill.


Tumble 2+:
In this class, we will be working on connecting the back handspring to various skills. We will focus on connecting a rebound, back walkover, pencil jump, round off, front walkover-round off, and connecting two handsprings from a round off.


Tumble 3:
In this class, we begin to work on flipping skills in a tuck position. The athletes will learn how to punch front tuck, round off back handspring tuck, side aerial, do a series of multiple standing handsprings, and connect jumps to handspring(s).                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Tumble 4:
In this class, we will introduce the layout out of a round off handspring. We will also work on standing back tucks, as well as, standing and jump handsprings to tuck, front walkover thru to tuck and front handspring front tuck progressions.


Tumble 4+:
In this class, we will develop elite level connection passes. We will work on whips/tucks thru to skills, punch front step outs, front handspring-front tucks, the beginning stages of twisting, as well as standing and jump handsprings to layout.


Tumble 5:
In this class, we will focus more on twisting. The athletes will learn how to do a full twisting layout and other elite connections thru to layout. For standing tumbling, they will be working on increasing their power and speed to connect a single handspring to a layout, and jumps to single flips.


Tumble 5+: In this class, we will begin to work on double fulls and their progressions. We will also focus on elite specialty passes to twisting, arabians, connecting a whip directly to a skill, front twisting and standing tumbling with twisting.


Specialty Classes  


Jumps To Make 'Em Jealous!:
In this 30-minute class, we will focus on core strength, flexibility and jump technique. You will be point jumper in no time!


Flexible Flyer:
In this 30-minute class, we will focus on flexibility for flyer body positions and core strength to hold them. You do not need to be a flyer to benefit from added flexibility!


Cheer Strength & Conditioning: In this 30-minute class, we will focus on improving cardiovascular endurance & strength to help with overall tumbling, stunting and jumping during cheer routines. This class will be led by a strength & conditioning coach and will feature a different workout style each week (i.e.- HITT, strength training, cardio, etc.). This class is great for injury prevention for all athletes.


SESSION 1: May 30th - July 16th

SESSION 2: July 17th - August 20th

**Programming is prorated for the week of July 2nd**


    4-Wk Tumbling - $84   5-Wk Tumbling - $105   6-Wk Tumbling - $126     

4-Wk Specialty Class - $64  5-Wk Specialty Class - $80    6-Wk Specialty Class - $96

   Parent-Child Playtime (Drop-in) - $5     Open Gym (Ages 5+) - $12


*No Class June 19th*

5:00-5:50 pm Tumble 1/1+

6:00-6:45 pm Tiny/Beginner Tumble (3-5yo)

6:30-7:00 pm Flex Flyer

7:00-7:50 pm Tumble 2/2+


5:30-6:20 pm Tumble 1/1+

6:00-6:30pm Cheer Strength & Conditioning (Ages 8+)

6:30-7:20 pm Tumble 2/2+

6:30-7:20 pm Tumble 3/4/5

7:30-8:00 pm Flex Flyer

7:30-8:00 pm Jumps to Make Em Jealous

7:30-8:30 pm OPEN GYM


1:00-1:30 pm P/C Playtime (Ages 1-2yo)

1:45-2:15 pm P/C Playtime (Ages 3-4yo)

5:00-5:45 pm Tiny/Beginner Tumble (3-5yo)

6:00-6:50 pm Tumble 3/4/5

7:00-7:50 pm Tumble 1/1+

8:00-8:50 pm Tumble 2+/3


4:30-5:20 pm Tumble 2/2+

5:30-6:20 pm Tumble 3/3+

6:30-7:20 pm Acro Tumbling

6:30-7:20 pm Tumble 1/1+

7:30-8:20 pm Tumble 1+/2

7:30-8:20 pm Tumble 3/4/5


Annual Athlete Registration Fee - $50/per athlete, due same month annually (Non-Refundable)  

Please Note - We reserve the right to modify class(es) if too few athletes are registered.

**Monetary refunds will not be issued for any reason after the start of a session**



JUNE 12th - AUGUST 18th

*Registration opens February 13th in the Portal*

9:00a-12:00p Daily. Personalized instruction based on individual skill set. Snack time daily (camper-provided).

Camp Pricing: $200/wk, $120/wk (Week 4 Only)*

WEEK 1 - JUNE 12-16 Ages 5+. All Skill Levels.
WEEK 2 - JUNE 19-23 Ages 5+. All Skill Levels.
WEEK 3 - JUNE 26-30 Ages 5+. All Skill Levels.
WEEK 4 - JULY 10-12* Ages 6+. Backhandspring Bootcamp; skill prerequisites required*
WEEK 5 - JULY 17-21 Ages 5+. All Skill Levels.
WEEK 6 - JULY 24-28 Ages 5+. All Skill Levels.
WEEK 7 - JULY 31-AUG 4 Ages 7+. Advanced Camp; skill prerequisites required**
WEEK 8 - AUG 7-11 Ages 6+. Backhandspring Bootcamp; skill prerequisites required*
WEEK 9 - AUG 14-18 Ages 5+. All Skill Levels.

PRE-REQUISITE SKILLS: *Running roundoff-rebound and backbend

**Standing back handspring or running roundoff back handspring on floor