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icon01/17/2018 - Penn Elite Tuck Club

 Welcome to the Tuck Club! The following Penn Elite team members have performed a back tuck in competition 2017-2018.

Amber D., Alyssa A., Shelby F., Kaylie O., Elaina M., Campbell B., Skylar B., Lindsay D., Lydia D., Grace B., Abbey S., Lelia T., Summer H., Jean T., Ariana S., Cassie M., Michaela P., Miranda C., Mae M., Sierra S.



icon01/17/2018 - TESTIMONIALS

Testimonials from our Families

This is our 5th season in the Penn Elite Family. We have two girls who have grown leaps and bounds in tumbling and cheer over the past few years. They have become strong, confident athletes and their skills continue to grow season by season. The coaches challenge and champion each athlete to aspire to grow and move to the next skill level. The coaches focus on each individual's strengths to create strong, highly competitive teams. Athletes across teams inspire and cheer each other on. The girls root for one another when learning a new skill and reassure each other when setbacks occur. At a young age they are working to earn and learn trust and respect and other important life skills that are used every day outside the gym. Though it is a lot of hard work, my girls LOVE it! They love the coaches, the gym, the work, and every aspect involved in All-Star Cheer. The gym fosters a fun, family, community atmosphere along with incredible sportsmanship you can't
find anywhere else.
~Dana & Mike, parents of a Tiger and a Cheetah


We were introduced to Penn Elite by a neighbor who recommended we check out the tumbling classes for my daughter who was 9.  Right away we knew she had found her passion and her second home.  She has cheered on two teams both years and can't get enough! The coaches have brought her from a back bend kick-over and not even knowing the word "backspot" to level 3 and 4 skills in what is probably record time. Penn Elite has an amazingly supportive AND challenging atmosphere.  The coaches know how and when to push an athlete to the next level.  They also know when and how to help an athlete build confidence and feel secure. From the beautiful new facility, Holiday and Summer camps, and strong placing at competitions to the family atmosphere, spirit of teamwork, and fun it's evident the owners and coaches genuinely love what they do, the athletes, and the sport.
~Heather, mother of a Tiger and a Puma cheerleader


Sometime ago, I decided to enroll my daughter in some classes at Revolution Cheer and Tumbling Center, hoping she would gain basic tumbling skills and some strength.  Little did I know, that not only would she be learning basic skills, her confidence, self-esteem and self-worth have blossomed.  She is at a pivotal age, trying to navigate the “tween years” and has a place she can go and be herself.  She has even joined the newest competitive cheer team and is enjoying every minute.  From the new facility, to the office staff and the wonderful coaches, Revolution Cheer and Tumbling Center is top notch.  The team there is always striving to do their best, are not afraid to change and make a difference, and they ask nothing less of their athletes.  Thank you for all you do!!"
~Beth, Mother of a tumbler and Lynx athlete 



My daughter was a gymnast from the age of three years  to nine years. When she was approaching 9 years old, she decided she no longer wanted to be a gymnast but loved to tumble and to be part of a team. When we asked acquaintances about tumbling gyms in the area, the overwhelming response was, “You have to go to Revolution Cheer and Tumbling!”  The first person we met at Revolution was Coach Deana.  She was so warm and encouraging and shared how excited she was to be able to make a living doing what she loves (how can you ask for more from a coach and Gym Manager?). That day, my daughter was invited onto a cheer team, loved it immediately and four years later loves it even more!   My daughter has met so many amazing “Revolution people,” Coaches Alonna, Nick, Kristin, Rob, Kate, Krista, Rose and the list goes on and on with coaches, junior coaches and cheerleaders.  The atmosphere at Revolution is encouraging!  Both coaches and teammates cheer each other on and celebrate new skills.  I have seen my daughter grow solidly as an athlete at Revolution, as well as personally.  I have confidence that when I drop my daughter at practice, she is being led in a positive direction.  The staff is welcoming and helpful; they truly care about each tumbler/cheerleader and about each team/class.  This attitude carries through to the girls in the gym! 
~Jackie, mother of a Panther and Pride cheerleader


 My daughter is starting her 5th year with Revolution. In the past 5 years not only have I seen her tumbling skills improve, but also her confidence in herself and her ability to work with a team. The coaches have allowed her to work at her own pace with her tumbling skills, knowing just the right time to push a little harder. Through the growth process she has also been developing into a confident you lady and someone who is willing to try new things with wonderful coaches to help her along the way. Revolution takes pride in their girls and how they present themselves which is main reason my daughter is there.
~ Melissa, mother of a Wildcat


Revolution/Penn Elite has let our daughter live her cheerleading dreams, and taught her valuable lessons in a fun and supportive environment. Her coaches have helped her reach her tumbling goals, and taught her to challenge herself with each new skill gained. She has made new friends, boosted her confidence and learned the importance of teamwork, dedication, good sportsmanship, and community service. Revolution/Penn Elite has helped her become the well-rounded young woman she is today!"
~ Cheryl, mother of a Wildcat


As the very first members of the Penn Elite family, we have always been grateful that we walked through the doors on that day. Alonna and the staff at Revolution have helped our daughter develop into a great young lady and an incredible cheerleader. They genuinely care about the girls as individuals. Their coaching is about the complete experience of the athlete, they not only stress the importance of working as a team to accomplish goals but about maximizing their true individual potential. We couldn't be happier with our daughter's experience.
~ Gerry & Amy, parents of a Panther


Our daughter joined the Revolution Cheer Gym two years ago and we couldn't be happier with her progress and her team's performance. After being at another gym prior, it became quickly obvious that the Penn Elite staff is more concerned about correct form, safety and teamwork than pushing the girls onto the next skill without being prepared. Each girl is treated with respect and given an opportunity to excel as an individual and in a team setting. Penn Elite is the perfect home for any girl aspiring to hone the cheerleading craft in a safe, nurturing environment.
~ Terri, mother of a Wildcat


I love Revolution/Penn Elite All Stars! Both my daughters have come a long way in six years thanks to the amazing staff! Starting with little experience, my 9 year old is working on her full and my 15 year old is working on her Arabian and double full! In addition, they have learned just about every cheerleading position, developed great self-confidence and self-esteem, and made friendships with girls of all ages. Alonna and her staff truly care about everyone and make you feel like family.
~ Sharon, mother of a Wildcat, Cat, & Panther 


I’ve been involved with cheerleading and tumbling since the sixth grade. I’ve learned to be committed, to work hard, to be a good teammate, to push myself to the next level, to really listen to my coaches, to respect other athletes, to celebrate the victories, but still hold my head up when we were less than perfect. This level of discipline and strong work ethic has positively translated into every area of my life.  Revolution and Penn Elite All Stars have had a major positive impact on my life.
~ Jenny Rose, Coach, Former Panther

icon01/17/2018 - Looking for Cheer & Tumbling Coaches!

Revolution Cheer & Tumbling Center, LLC is looking for experienced tumbling coaches for the 2016 - 2017 season. USAG certification is a plus. Clearances will be required.

We are also looking for All Star cheer coaches for the Penn Elite All Stars. Clearances required.

Please contact us at or 610.489.4911 for more information.