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Private Tumbling Lessons Available
Please email or call 610.489.4911 for more info.

Birthday Parties

Want to do something fun, different, and extremely exciting for your child's birthday? The staff at Revolution Cheer & Tumbling Center can help you plan the perfect birthday party!  Birthday parties are scheduled for 90 minutes.  Each party will include 60 minutes of instruction (tumble or cheer/tumble) provided by Revolution staff.  The remaining 30 minutes can be used for snacks, cake, and/or present time.  Revolution will provide tables and seating for all invited children, as well as, cleanup.  Please click here for more info or email


Tumbling Classes

We are excited to announce an improvement to our tumbling program! To keep our athletes progressing, we will be expanding from our current four different levels of classes to nine different levels of classes. There will be no more than six different skills taught at each level. These levels are designed to enhance the rate of growth in each athlete’s skill and technique. If you are unsure of which class to sign up for, please contact


Beginner Tumbling:
This class is for 3-5 year olds. We will work on forward rolls, learning how to cartwheel, as well as handstand and basic body control exercises.


Tumble 1:
This class focuses on the core skills required for all tumbling. We will be focusing on mastering rolls, handstand, cartwheel, bridge, and kick over.


Tumble 1+:
This class focuses primarily on mastering the flexibility skills. We will be working on back limbers, front limbers, back and front walkovers, and the round off. These skills are essential stepping stones to learning handsprings.


Tumble 2:
This class is geared solely towards learning the back handspring. There will be many drills to master, as well as performing the back handspring itself.


Tumble 2+:
In this class, we will be working on connecting the back handspring to various skills. We will focus on connecting a rebound, back walkover, pencil jump, round off, and connecting two handsprings from a round off.


Tumble 3:
In this class, we begin to work on flipping skills in a tuck position. The athletes will learn how to punch front tuck, round off back handspring tuck, do a series of multiple standing handsprings, and connect jumps to handspring(s).


Tumble 4:
In this class, we will introduce the layout out of a round off handspring. We will also work on standing back tucks as well as standing and jump handsprings to tuck.


Tumble 4+:
In this class, we will develop elite level connection passes. We will work on whip connections, punch front step outs, as well as standing and jump handsprings to layout.


Tumble 5:
In this class, we begin to introduce twisting. The athletes will learn how to do a half twisting layout, followed by a full twisting layout. For standing tumbling, they will be working on connecting a jump to a back tuck.


11 years+ Back Handspring Class:
In this class, we will be working on learning the back handspring. To register for this class, it is required that all athletes can demonstrate a round off with a rebound, as well as a controlled handstand.


Top Flight Stunt:
In this class, we will focus on stretching and conditioning the body for flyers. We will work on all primary body positions including heel stretch, over stretch, scorpion, scale, and arabesque. In addition flyers will receive personal training to perfect their level appropriate skills.


Jumps To Make 'Em Jealous!:
In this 30-minute class, we will focus on core strength, flexibility and jump technique. You will be point jumper in no time!


Flexible Flyer:
In this 30-minute class, we will focus on flexibility for flyer body positions and core strength to hold them. You do not need to be a flyer to benefit from added flexibility!



Winter Session 2019

January 2nd - February 24th, 2019

**Classes are prorated for Monday, December 31st and Tuesday, January 1st**


7 Week Tumbling  - $119

8 Week Tumbling  - $136

7 Week Flex Flyer/Jumps Class - $70  

8 Week Flex Flyer/Jumps Class - $80

Top Flight Stunt  - $154


(Starts 1/7/19)

5:00-5:55 pm Tumble 1/1+

5:00-5:55 pm Tumble 3

6:00-6:55 pm Tumble 2

6:00-6:55 pm Tumble 2+

6:00-6:55 pm Tumble 4+/5 

7:00-7:55 pm 11+ BHS Class

7:00-7:55 pm Tumble 3/4

7:00-7:55 pm Top Flight Stunt Class

8:00-8:30 pm Jumps to Make 'em Jealous


(Starts 1/8/19)

5:00-5:55 pm Tumble 1/1+

6:00-6:55 pm Tumble 3/4


6:00-6:55 pm Tumble 2/2+

7:00-7:55 pm Tumble 1/1+

7:30-8:00 pm Flex Flyer


6:00-6:55 pm Beginner Tumbling

6:30-7:00 pm Flex Flyer 

6:30-7:25 pm Tumble 3

7:00-7:30 pm Jumps to Make 'em Jealous

7:30-8:25 pm Tumble 2 


5:00-5:55 pm Tumble 1

6:00-6:55 pm Tumble 1+/2

7:00-8:00 pm OPEN GYM ($10 at the door)


9:00-9:55 am Tumble 2/2+

10:00-10:55 am Tumble 1/1+

11:00-11:55 am Tumble 3/4


12:30-1:00 pm Flex Flyer 

1:00-1:30 pm Flex Flyer 


There will be an annual registration fee of $50 for each student which will be valid for 12 months from the payment date.